Do you remember the first IPT call you made in your lab or at work??

I’ve got a three year old daughter. You’ll be amazed how much one can learn from these little ones.
Apparently, she’s been watching me configure my “mini-voice-lab” and making calls between HQ and Branch 1.
One of my HQ phones is a 7940 and the BR1 phone is an IP Blue soft-phone running on my laptop.

Now, either she knew what the number to dial, or she actually knew the redial button…….but all I heard was “Daddy!!!!! It is WORKING!!!!!!!”

Apparently, she made a call between the HQ and BR1 IP Phones and she could hear her voice coming out of my laptop……EUREKA!!!!!!!
I couldn’t get her away from the phone after that. I think the most fascinating thing for her was that she could hear herself through my laptop speaker. LOL!!  She kept saying “I can hear my voice”.

Now that feeling took me back to 2002…..the first time EVER I configured VoIP!!!!
The truth was I had no clue what I was doing back then.
I was a zealous intern working at a company called United Telesys (now called Emperion West Africa).

I was working with Sly, a senior engineer tasked with setting up voip for two branches of a bank (I think it was either Intercontinental Bank or Diamond Bank). One branch was located in Trans-Amadi, while the other branch was located in Olu-Obasanjo, both in Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

I remember we simulated the bank’s WLAN and had two 1750’s on each end of the wireless connection.
One 1750 had an FXO, while the other had an FXS………..I can remember the feeling too well……..I was so overwhelmed when the phones rang.

I’m sure every IPT/UC Engineer has had this 1st Call feeling before……..please don’t forget it cos it’s a memory to cherish 😉



  1. Edgar Diaz says:

    The same feeling i got not so much time ago (arround 2 months ago), when i’m starting on VoIP. the first ring on the other 7941 phone, was overwhelming….

    now my little girl angela, just can’t stop calling me from home, with her 7941 phone, currently i’m connect my home to my office with an VPN from the home router and the HQ.

    cute lab for exercises.

    • skybaba says:

      Hi Edgar,

      Thanks for stopping-by my blog and leaving a comment.
      I guess we’ve all experienced that moment.
      Good luck with your IPT adventure and feel free to drop me a line if you’re stuck on anything and I’ll be glad to help if I can 😉


  2. nwachonky says:

    hello sky baba

    i finally went for an interview whr i work, but it looks like i will not be working with cisco stuff, but i still think it is ok. i will be in areas that has to do with microsoft and other applications.

    i will still continue with my cisco studies , i have my BGP exam next week

    • skybaba says:

      Hey Bro!

      Great to hear you’re moving in that direction.
      I’ve been terribly busy with work and studies.

      Thanks for dropping by.

  3. nwachonky says:

    hello sky, very happy for

    pls can u give me some words of encouragement on the steps you followed

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