MWI, or should I say Phantom MWI’s

February 20, 2009

We’ve just deployed some Unified Messaging (UM) servers with Primary and Failover pairs, so we’re currently migrating users from Unity Voicemail only servers (VMO) to Unified Messaging servers (UM).
The current VMO servers (3 of them) currently serve 3 clusters, consisting of about 40 sites, in a multi-tenant deployment, hence we’re running this as a phased migration.

While the migration itself is going on without stress, we started getting MWI issues on different site right after cutting them over. This had me and my colleague pulling our hair out in some occasions cos users were raising tickets like: “Can’t retrieve my messages“, “No messages but light won’t go off” “I’ve  got voicemails in my e-mail box, but the lights on my phone isn’t coming on“…….the list is endless!!!

After some troubleshooting, we found out that users weren’t deleting their messages on the VMO servers prior to migration (even though they had all been advised to listen to messages and delete them on the eve of the cutover).
Because we are cutting-over the sites in phases, we can’t take the VMO servers out of service, at least no yet cos they were still being used. Also, the project lead doesn’t want to delete the subscribers off the VMO, just in case we needed to regress.

My colleague and I came up with a simple solution with three steps:

– we launched Message Store Manager within the Unity Tools Depot and ran a script to move unread messages from inbox into deleted items or Unity Dumpster for subscribers that had been cutover from VMO to UM

– Secondly, we used Bulk Edit tool to uncheck USE MWI for Message Notification (under the messages tab)

– Lastly, we resync’ed the MWI on the new UM servers (under UTIM).

That was the last we saw of the Phanton MWIs  😉


How it all began……..

February 18, 2009

It all started while I was a student @ Lagos State University, LASU as it was popularly called. I wasn’t satisfied with what school had to offer. Though I was in my 2nd year of a 5-year engineering course (Electronics & Computer Engineering) I just felt unfulfilled. I always believed the Uni couldn’t offer me what I wanted. I felt there was a bigger picture, and indeed there was!

I remember attending a Big Tent church meeting where Jacquie McCullough preached “No more abortions” and I knew I couldn’t even afford to drop out of school at that stage……there had to be another way!!!!

I started my IT journey with Microsoft 1999. Back in the days, folks were running NT 3.51 and NT 4.0. I passed my first Microsoft certification and got my MCP in October 2000.

Somewhere along the line I stumbled on serious networking (cos I don’t consider Microsoft as networking ;-)) and delved into CompTIA Network Plus in the year 2001.

Later in 2001, I came across CISCO and I said to myself this is it. Eight years later I’ve got CCNA, CCNP and CCVP under my belt.
I should have gone for the R & S CCIE a while ago, but I wasn’t motivated enough to even start to study for it.
Somewhere along the line I stumbled on Asterisk and Cisco voice and the rest is history.
I’m now working towards CCIE VOICE and would like to put my thoughts together and present it to the world to see. The CCIE journey has been quite exciting and challenging. Since I started my CCIE pursuit I’ve learnt so much; practically, I’ve learnt something new everyday. I’ve also learnt that I know so little, so little it could discourage, but I can’t let the passion die…….NEVER!!!!
The passion has brought me thus far in my love-affair with Cisco………..WELCOME TO MY BLOG!!!!!!